Diamond Cut Pet Spa offers the style and flair of a fine, upscale salon close to your home. All staff members are Pet CPR/First Aid trained and to ensure your pets' safety and well being. Grooming services start with a warm water massage bath which will be soothing and calming for your pet. The shampoo and conditioner regime is customized to your pet’s needs. Nails are trimmed, anal glands expressed and ears are cleaned. Pets are then fluff-dried. Short-haired pets are brushed to help minimize excessive shedding, while coated pets are combed and styled to your specifications.

The spa experience is taken to the next level with the scent of aromatherapy oils and a very loving staff. These extra steps assure your pet’s comfort in a stress-free environment - all of which have helped put Diamond Cut Pet Spa above the rest!

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